By Year

Works and Clients in 2006

Office Club


The Office club has lived strongly for 2 years. Loads of cool and crazy parties that made the nights of my local city. Trend-setter, hype-maker, some of the best portuguese dj’s have pushed the db’s to the limits – starters or just established in the music and entertainment main, some indie concerts, theater, artistic events…. Good vibes. A joyfull and recommendable crew of friends. I was in charge of the graphic design for a whole year. (2005-2007)



Illustrations to support a contemporary pottery and ceramics exhibition, held at Ferreira do Alentejo. (November 2006)

Diário Económico

camisa d'ouroFrench PastryJoana - lifetime music

Fora de Série magazine, part of Diário Económico Daily Newspaper, a weekend leisure and money magazine. May / September 2006

Seat (car brand)


Images for a Seat (cars) campaign – Representing an idea of a road path that leads into a love scene.
For Amo-te brand – to be used online and offline. Via Grey Portugal

Looking for Something New


Re-searcher illustration Rep collective Exhibition. I have took part in the curatorial and promotion process, as well with a painting contribution. All works came from the represented illustrators, 50 x 70 cm dimensions. At Mousse Design Gallery, Lisbon, June 2006


memo board proposalmemo board approved

Memo boards for Bi-Silque Office / Home utilities brand.

Camel Artist packs


Back in 2005, I had the pleasure to be one of the latest artists invited to produce two of four customized collector’s Camel Packs: Filters lights and Menthol lights.
Not that I endorse the consumption of this kind of product, but it was a fun project to make.