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Works and Clients in 2009

Small Drawings (1)


Small drawings is an online drawings store. Started firstly as a diary, a-drawing-a-day, and kept growing.  Serving at the same time a daily feed, for public and visitors to enjoy a certain feel of “voyeurism”, in the means of a  “live representation of a personal daily routine (Carlos’s day-by-day),

A personal broadcasting channel, where drawing play the part of “illustrating” a daily life. I’m not currently updating, but I plan to do it more often in the future, as my time allows.

Expresso Única (3)


Weekly illustrations made for semanário Expresso supplement magazine:  Única

Opinion column written by Clara Ferreira Alves – (Season 3 -July 2009 to January 2010)

Junior Jetsetters

Lisbon_DocasBenfica StadiumLisbon_NazareLisbon_FunicularLisbon_Chiado_BrasileiraMonsantoAugustaSta Luzia Beldeverjj_a_oeuronext

Junior Jetsetters Guide to Lisbon is a cool and funky tourist guide specially for the kids and the youth. It focuses on the life of two characters and their adventures in Lisbon and in some Portuguese places worth a visit.

I was commissioned to illustrate places, environments and landscapes of Lisbon and surroundings.

Didactic, informative and insightful, was presented in Amsterdam with an exhibition and other events related, featuring JJ’s editions with illustrations and texts from the collection guides from Paris, Amsterdam and Lisbon. Visit the site: and Atelier Open. (Released March 2009)


Picture 10Picture 16s1s2s4

Models made for CITEVE (fashion technology & industry centre). Using strict guidelines, I have created specific models, representing the fabrics and colors with accuracy. –

Works made in 2009 and 2010

i Newspaper

lamentos de um fadista6795660834944786860Portugu_s fatalista2316000706526628953

Revista “nós” – jornal i edition “Nós os Fatalistas” – June 2009

Expresso Única (2)


Weekly illustrations made for semanário Expresso supplement magazine:  Única

Opinion column written by Clara Ferreira Alves – (Season 2 -January 2009 to July 2009)

Design Give


T-shirt made for charity.

Parq magazine

Paulo Furtado - Legendary Tiger Man11125690966738083

Illustrating Paulo Furtado – Legendary  Tiger Man, for Parq Magazine,
Article written by Carla Isidoro, October 2009

SOL Newspaper

Jornal Sol - Ricardo Vasconcellos7617570101332907702

Ricardo Vasconcellos caricature – “The Multimedia king”  – for SOL newspaper, (August 2009)

Optimus Mobile

Optimus advertising illustration6765486516216121995Optimus advertising illustration3490236976291904486

Heart illustrations for advertising campaign.

Art-direction by Sérgio Alves
Commissioned by EuroRSCG Portugal , for Optimus. (March 2009)