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Works and Clients in 2010

Surge sk8 mag cover


This is my tribute to “Estrelinha”, a Portuguese skater. R.I.P.
Cover for Surge sk8 Magazine, out now in many Portuguese skate stores.

(November 2010)

Richie Campbell


Packaging graphic design and illustration
for Richie Campbell‘s album,
released by Optimus Discos.

Small Drawings (2)


Small drawings is an online drawings store. Started firstly as a diary, a-drawing-a-day, and kept growing.  Serving at the same time a daily feed, for public and visitors to enjoy a certain feel of “voyeurism”, in the means of a  “live representation of a personal daily routine (Carlos’s day-by-day),

A personal broadcasting channel, where drawing play the part of “illustrating” a daily life. I’m not currently updating, but I plan to do it more often in the future, as my time allows.

Expresso Única Magazine (5)


Weekly illustrations made for semanário Expresso supplement magazine:  Única

Opinion column written by Clara Ferreira Alves – (Season 5 -August 2010 to December 2010)

Expresso Única magazine (4)


Weekly illustrations made for semanário Expresso supplement magazine:  Única

Opinion column written by Clara Ferreira Alves – (Season 4 -January 2010 to August 2010)

Fitacola Collage

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Fitacola collages are handmade from scissor cuts, adhesive tape reassemblings and original paper stuff we’ve been acquiring through these years. Having reached a point of almost endless supplies, the process is quite simple, assemble by having fun.

This is a co-project by me and my Wife, Graça Quitério. We also keep our weblog containing inspiring links at stream.
Soon in all the collage and hand-made assemblings portfolio organized.

Loja Viva


My paintings are featured at Loja Viva – Home & Utilities store – In downtown Lisbon (Praça dos Restauradores) – until December 2010 – I also had the opportunity to make an exhibition with drawings and paintings, during June and July 2010, in the first floor of this same store – called “Girls Gonna Go”. Project commissioned by MOZO – (June- December 2010)


trinca_detail1trinca_detail2trinca_detail3trinca_detail4trinca_detail5trinca_detail6trincatrincanuvo1second_floorparede1sf_detail1sf_detail2sf_detail3sf_detail4sf_detail5sf_detail6second floor djsf_detail7

Nuvomatic is a creative collective together with me and João Cabaço.
It consists on street murals, paintings  and  surfaces decorated, from huge walls to small spaces. We will be adding more stuff made together like drawings, drafts and other projects in the near future. This is a continuous project.
Here’s something more detailed and here too.


Paintings 2008 – 2010


Paintings made between 2008 and 2010

Dj Ride

Psychedelic Sound Waves Album Cover - Dj RidePsychedelic Sound Waves - DiscPsychedelic Sound Waves Album back - Dj RidePsychedelic Sound Waves Inlay2 - Dj RidePsychedelic Sound Waves Albym Inlay  1 - Dj Ridedjridedotcom_move_02djridedotcom_move_09djridedotcom_move_10djridedotcom_move_13djridedotcom_move_14djridedotcom_move_15djridedotcom_move_16Ride(dj)Turntable Food3785582282402626741

Cover artworks for Psychedelic Sound Waves (2010) and Turntable Food (2007)
For my good friend Beat-maker / Producer. Ed. Rockit.

(6th to 13th image) Frame shots taken / made for the music video entitled Move (Feat Concept) – Directed by Gonçalo Santos, Exclusive  airplay in MTV Portugal (July/August 2010)



Visão Magazine

Assisted DeathMotown 50 yearsVIS_O- Sociedade4647650383089304603Flu DossierLobo Antunes - ProposalCollege freshmanEscutasEconomy - EUA Lobo Antunes - ProposalA Lobo Antunes - Proposal

Illustrations and proposals for Visão Magazine, the best-seller weekly  magazine in Portugal.
Featuring a variety of issues and topics.
(From 2006 to present)



Maratona – Restaurant, Cafe, Lounge Bar, located in the center of the city of Caldas da Rainha, in the Portuguese West-Coast

This café and restaurant has brought a cutting-edge concept, compromised to have a fine-quality food and beverage products, as well as a “sporting” good  service, allied to cultural events within many interests like music, video, performances, thematic parties, etc.

I am in charge of the graphic design, web design and online management within the social networks.
Website: maratona.tvFacebook page.
(From May 2009 to present)