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Works and Clients in 2011

Fitacola & Co#1


Fitacola and Co. is a publishing + curatorial project focused in collage on paper, by me and my wife, Graça Quitério.

The first edition consisted on an exhibition in Atelier Open, Amsterdam, together with the luxury zine launch “Fitacola & Co. #1″.
The second edition will follow in 2012. I am currently looking for Galleries collage artists in Germany, Spain and New York eho can participate in this project. Participating Artists: Fitacola (Carlos & Graça Quitério); João PombeiroPaulo Barros Zé BurnayBenedita Feijó.


Expresso Única magazine (7)


Weekly illustrations made for semanário Expresso supplement magazine:  Única

Opinion column written by Clara Ferreira Alves – (Season 7 – July 2011 to December 2011)

TGTL Premium Olive Oil


TGTL is an award winning brand consisting on a collection of Premium gourmet products, carefully branded and illustrated by artists from it’s product origins. I was invited to illustrate the Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Alentejo in Portugal (top-right package)

Bixo Mau


I have co-founded in October 2010 a non-profit cultural organization in Caldas da Rainha, called “BIXO MAU
Aiming different areas of interest related to the  culture and leisure targeting the local community, the social web and the Portuguese scene, this associative project has gained a lot of expectations and pretty good acceptance by producing many sorts of events and successful artistic projects.

Seven main resident projects were created to host all proposals for events and activities: an Art Gallery, Club (disco), Lusco-Fusco (events between 17h00 and 23h00), “Fresh-Up” (for young-blood dj’s), P1F (online media streaming), Apendice (the printed pamphlet) and a couple other marketing/business projects meant to  raise new crowds and investors.

I was in charge of coordinating the communication gateways and the overall design/aesthetics.

Expresso Única Magazine (6)


Weekly illustrations made for semanário Expresso supplement magazine:  Única

Opinion column written by Clara Ferreira Alves – (Season 6 – December 2010 to July 2011)


Fitacola collages (2010-2011)


(part2) Fitacola collages are handmade from scissor cuts, adhesive tape reassemblings and original paper stuff we’ve been acquiring through these years. Having reached a point of almost endless supplies, the process is quite simple, assemble by having fun.

This is a co-project by me and my Wife, Graça Quitério. We also keep our weblog containing inspiring links at stream.
Soon in all the collage and hand-made assemblings portfolio organized.

Small Drawings (3)


(Part 3) Small drawings is an online drawings store. Started firstly as a diary, a-drawing-a-day, and kept growing. Serving at the same time a daily feed, for public and visitors to enjoy a certain feel of “voyeurism”, in the means of a “live representation of a personal daily routine (Carlos’s day-by-day),

A personal broadcasting channel, where drawing play the part of “illustrating” a daily life. I’m not currently updating, but I plan to do it more often in the future, as my time allows.

Stereossauro – Até Borras-te III


Here’s a very good mixtape / album from a very close friend, I have made the cover, here’s the result in audio and image. Enjoy!
Portuguese only roots, lyrics and samples, nicely crafted with love and fun :)

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