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Carlos Quitério (b. 1980 – Nazaré, Portugal) lives and works in Caldas da Rainha, a quiet and quaint small city in the Portuguese west coast.

He currently works as a freelancer illustrator and designer, while keeping an intense focus and dedication onto the drawing and painting processes – developing personal and collective projects, while exhibiting and tutoring workshops.

His academic background in Graphic Design and Fine-arts allowed him to develop and explore unusual artistic avenues. As a result of his passion for merging different mediums, styles and techniques, he has reached a point where he managed to apply all the required inputs into different fields and markets of visual arts, commercially, commissioned or individually.

Carlos Quitério has worked and contributed for editorials like Flaunt Magazine, The New York Times, among others. Now, his work is regularly featured by several of Portugal’s leading magazines and newspapers (such as Visão magazine or Expresso weekly newspaper), he has also produced works for Nike, Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, R.J.Reynolds (Camel), Seat (cars), Ssang Young, Optimus Mobile, and other Portuguese and international brands, products and companies. Has also exhibited at CCCB Barcelona, several galleries, institutions and ‘underground’ spots across the American, Asian and European continents, as well as, in several  fine-art events in Portugal.

You can see his collage project (together with his wife) + a weblog with a collection of links and finds, over at;
An updated collection of all his on-going works and projects can be found at
Also his drawing project can be seen (and acquired) at

At this website – Work fields

You will find on this website groups of works divided in 3 main categories and other sub-categories:

· Illustration (digitally finished, mostly for editorials and brands);
· A wide variety of personal, fine-art works and seasonal projects, under the field of Drawing + Painting;
· A group for mixed-medias and graphic design works applied commercially or individually.
– Sub-fields, sub-categories for relevant markets:

“Solo Projects”, “Collective Projects”, “On Editorials“, “On Books“, “On brands and packaging” (also for products).

For a complete organized list, with exhibitions and other professional experience please check the CV / resume.

About Carlos’s fine art work – drawing, paintings and assemblage.

Drawings, paintings and the collage works play the part of “illustrating” the moments and experiences (directly or indirectly, specifically, explicitly or vaguely, ironically or realistically, satirical or completely coded to the point of a non-sense interpretation) – where the choice of words and expressions, the titles, figures, posts, quotes and references become mixed with his current consumptions. It’s a cartography practice, though not planned, made mostly through a process of “thinking zapping” without any predefined, inherent subject or ideology at the moment of it’s materialization on the surface.

The achieved result on his figurative fine-art work doesn’t aim to raise any public/viewers questions or problematic issues on what’s represented: characters, words, phrases, portraits, signs, references, pictures. Yet it relies on people’s reactions, on people’s own interpretation, adding  more emphasis when the personal intuition and first-gestures lead into a final re-organized composition, capable of many different  perceptions.

This personal modus operandi gives the artist the ability to try and experiment, endlessly, based on his visual memory and snaps of life experiences. Plus, the acquired academic knowledge, reinforces his statement’s validity, while keeping space for applying these methods into commercial or commissioned works that may serve  third-party purposes. (ex.: The work for Nike backpack, t-shirts, illustrations, etc.)

It’s an on-going, progressive and self-recognition process that can be aesthetically translated into an “overload of intuitively organized visual information“.

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